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Welcome to Websites that Sell

Hi, and congratulations on making the commitment to creating your own website and online sales system.

I'm Tessa, and I'll be your guide and support system through this process.

I know it can feel overwhelming to take on a project like this, but rest assured -- you're in the right place. I'm going to be here for you every step of the way, and I know that you CAN do this.

Today, take three simple steps toward getting started.

Step 1: Set a goal for your completion date.

The course is designed to walk you through a 30-day system for creating your online course, but if you need to take a little longer, that's totally ok! What's important is that you commit to the process and work on the site weekly until you're able to go live and start making sales.

Step 2: Download the 30-day Website Creation Planner below.

Working backward from your completion date, fill in the due dates of the 22 milestones you'll complete as you're building your course. Mark the dates in your calendar so you can schedule time to work on this project.

Step 3: Join the private Facebook group and introduce yourself.

Our private Facebook group is full of like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners who can't wait to get to know you. I'll personally answer your questions in the group, and you can get feedback from other students there as well. For your introductory post, tell us about your business and announce your completion date. Of course, participation in the Facebook group is completely voluntary and optional, but I've found it can help keep you accountable for reaching your goals.

30-day Website Creation Planner.pdf